Tales of Haunted Liverpool & Pete Doherty


Last night, Hels, Kadie & I went to see Tales from Haunted Liverpool. It was spooky and awesome. When we came outside, we went to the park behind the hall, which is beautifully creepy at night, a patch of pitch black amongst the lit-up city. A man in a black suit came tearing past us, followed by two cops with batons out, and disappeared into the park. We could see the silhouettes of the cops walking round the outside, trying to find him. We looked at each other, and decided to go in and see if he was there, because it could be a news story. We walked down the flight of stone steps into the park, when we hear a rustling sound. The man in the black suit steps out from behind the stairs and says, "Don't shout for the police" over and over. We turn down the path and walk away back to the hall, and look over our shoulders and he's following us. We break into a run and don't stop until we hit the streetlighted area, and the police go running past us back into the park. We never found out if they got him.
It was more fun than it sounds. Even though we never got the story.

We alse went to see Pete Doherty doing a DJ set in the TriBeCa bar near our flat on Thursday night. His choice of songs was pretty good, and we hung around in the back alley with a bunch of scally boys (who weren't so bad, one of them gave me a cigarette), beneath the balcony where he kept coming out to smoke. We had a shouted conversation while he was atop the balcony (just like Romeo and Juliet! Except I was up to my high heels in garbage), which involved him shouting at me, “You’re not a journalist - where’s your typewriter?!”

Bluecoat tonight to see Lizzie Nunnery XD. Fashion & textiles fair I went to in Speke today was pretty boring, but had to cover it for Fashion report, so got some photos of fox furs, sailor hats, etc.


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Boredom Q&A!

choke  tagged me in this, and I'm bored waiting on people, soo...

Replace one of the questions with a new one. Tag 11 people.

→ What song are you currently addicted to?
Miss Nothing by The Pretty Reckless/My Manic & I by Laura Marling

→ What book are you currently reading?
I recently gave up on the Gossip Girl series after book 8. I'm starting on The Scarlet Letter & trying to track down a copy of Something Wicked This Way Comes by Ray Bradbury.

→ What’s the latest movie you watched?
Eclipse. Sshhh!

Scott Pilgrim vs the World tonight XD

→ What color is your hair right now?
Faded purple/dark brown colour I call "ick". It shall be restored soon.

→ What's your favorite musical instrument?

→ What web sites do you always visit when you go online?
Facebook, LJ, Twitter, Tumblr, celebrity blogs when I'm bored, Dior website to drool.

→ What was the last thing you bought?

→ If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?
I've always wanted to live in Seattle or Oregon.

→ Favourite time of day?
Nighttime. I iz vampire.

→ What's the last thing that made you happy?
Dunno, but I've been pretty happy lately so I'll just say life in general.

→ Do you want to learn another language?
I wouldn't mind learning German, just because it sounds so intimidating.

→ Five things you can’t live without.
Music (I know!), oxygen (but it comes second to music), spicy food, friends, lip balm.

→ Favorite fashion accessory?
My Vera Wang bag! It's black & white and goes with everything XD

I tag aerisofthewhiteanimal_autry , miss_precocious, diableriewillow , nuke_the_humans , miss_watson , blackdahlia_xx , bonjourmarieesther_cricket, nemo528 , crossedoff .


Is it really coincidence that neither of us got our housing contracts? I think not.

Most of my material possessions are in Kadie's garage in Shropshire. I miss them.

Pretending to be a fairy princess isn't just for kids

Yesterday I went up to Glenveagh and I looooved it. I adore scenery that makes me feel like I'm in Lord of the Rings. I've always wanted to move to Seattle, or New Zealand, or some place where I can always have views of the mountains and lakes like that.
Go up there and take in the castle, owls, lakes, gardens, cottages, secret stairways, etc. You'll love it. Promises!

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Last night the sky was so clear I could see for billions of miles, every diamond star & planet in the galaxy. I lay on my back and wished on a shooting star. It really puts everything into perspective. I feel safe tucked beneath the universe XD

Hello from da Bronx

I left Milford the day after I arrived, and I'm staying in Aaron's apartment in the city while he's upstate visiting my cousins' grandma. I came up on the bus, then took the D train from 42nd & 2nd. My uncle Sean lives two floors down in the building, so I'm not alone. I also have the girls' big kitty, Oliver, and their albino rats for company. Right now I've got the fire escape window open, listening to the kids on the sidewalk playing some kind of Indian music.

(The neighbourhood is so much like a stereotypical one it's funny. The first things I encountered when I emerged from the subway were police sirens and some guy trying to sell me rock. But it's still funner than Gramma's basement.)

I went back into Manhattan this morning and spent the day covering the city. I sunbathed in Madison Square Park in my bra & leggings, I played with homeless kittens, I got a slice of pizza bigger than my head for 99c and ate it under the Chrysler Building, I drooled longingly over the designer stores on Fifth Avenue while tall, skinny, rich Gossip Girl types swish in and out of them and one of their Chuck Bass-esque boyfriends held the door for me in Starbucks and smiled at me and I got giggly. I had the fabulous Gaga plugged into my iPod the whole time - two New York City girls back home. ('No Floods' is my absolute jam.) Then I hopped back on the old D train and took my aching feet and my happy head back up to the Bronx.

Now I'm just kickin' back and watching the red, white and blue fireworks exploding. I'm not really patriotic or anything, but I like celebrating the fourth of July when I'm over here. Why not?

I'll keep in touch, buh-bye and kisses for now,
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Adios, I'm a ghost, I am leaving for the coast

Before I take off into the unknown for a month, I'd like to leave you with a few life lessons i've picked up this week:

1. Antibiotics + cocktails + raw vodka = antisocial behaviour followed by amnesia.
2. Don't buy lacy underwear if it's on sale. It's on sale for a reason.
3. £30 is too much for two breakfast bowls.
4. Fezes are cool.

Don't do anything I wouldn't do,

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Welcome to the funhouse

OK, so Pink is unquestionably the Master of Ceremonies for all that is awesome. Let's see why!



She fell from a box of balloons in the sky.


She wowed us with a megaphone.


She did her Dork Dance for us all.


She brought us sparkles.


She married a midget and they wandered off into the sunset.


She hung upside down from ribbons.


She played a guitar.


She flew over us like Peter Pan.


And last of all - she made FIRE.



Oh and I cannot forget the beautiful drunken talents of Butch Walker:




Best summer carnival EVER.
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